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  1. Good day all

    I'm working on some edtis, mixing pre-edited footage (Pro Res) and footage I filmed (on a Canon 600D).
    I use the technicolor setting for colour on the camera, and then correct in post with an S curve.

    The Canon shoots cRGB, if I am reading everything correcly? And Vegas Pro 12 shows the preview in sRGB?
    So, as part of my workflow, I need to convert my footage to sRGB before rendering out.

    However, Vegas 12 now uses the ACES colour space. Do I need to set this? If so, do I set this at project level, or on a per-clip basis? The project is set to 8 bit pixel format while doing the initial editing, and it's been suggested I put this to 32 bit. Would I use 32 bit video or 32 bit full here?

    There is a ton of information about on some of these topics, but none that covers the ACES colour space, and mixing everything together.

    Any pointers, or comments greatly welcomed
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    Since you're mixing sources, just set your project to whatever your final output will be. If you don't screw around with your clips before importing, Vegas will give you access to the full color gamut of whatever you're using.
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  3. Thank you.

    I was confusing myself with the sRGB and cRGB colour spaces, and although I'm sure I had my head around that (and avoiding washed out blacks on the end product), I wasn't sure what to do with the new ACES system that Vegas 12 has (there isn't a lot of info on it in the manual either).

    Hopefully there will be some up at a stage, or Sony will do a webinar on it.

    Thanks again!!
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  4. Thanks for the link, Budwzr.
    I do have that file, but it doesn't cover specifics on different cameras, other than using an example of one Sony camera.
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    The 600D doesn't support S-log except for MagicLantern HDR. The ML HDR has to be processed by a utility app and split out into two tracks first. Something like that.
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  6. Thank you Budwzr

    I do not have ML on my camera as yet (Canon South Africa doesn't seem to understand what it is). All I am using is the technicolor image preset when filming.

    That clears up a lot of my confusion
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