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    Hello to everyone!
    Last day I recorded a reharshal of my band using a microphon and a pc, the resulting recording is in .aiff and sounds very very good
    Now I just want to ''extract'' only the drum line, there's actually a way to ''divide'' sounds from an aiff file? Something like turn off the volume of other instruments

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    not unless everything was mic'd separately and recorded to different tracks. once it's all mixed together all you could do is remove frequencies below and above the drums. anything in the same range will still be there though.

    the only way you are going to get drums only is to record him again playing it alone.
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    That is the difference between a mono (or stereo)-mixed master recording and a multitrack master. Extracting a part from a mixed recording is the equivalent of extracting the flour from premixed cake batter: virtually impossible.

    Time for another rehearsal...

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