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    For 2 years ago I purchased a Pentax Opti WG-1 I should use in Egypt to take videos and pictures. When I took videos in Egypt they were really bad.

    This year I bougt a Olympus TG-2 and it's really great for using in Egypt.

    As I have had great problems to get accept about the problems from the shop I bought Pentax Opti WG-1, I ask an expert to watch one of my videos from Egypt and tell me if there is anything wrong with this video -?

    You can see the video on this link - what's wrong?

    Poul Erik
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    it's a cheap all-weather still camera that shoots bad 720p video with no autofocus nor it appears auto levels while recording. looks like some poorly working auto image stabilizing was turned on also or that was the worst handheld pan i've ever seen.
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