So, about a year or so ago I wanted to test using my Sony Handycam as a webcam.
I ordered a Sabrent USB-AVCPT Video Capture device. I remember having issues
getting it to work but eventually I got it to work. I believe I was on a Windows Vista box back then.
The results were pretty impressive versus the regular web cam I compared it to.

Now I am trying the same thing on a Windows 7 box. I got video to work, but it's no where
viewable. The video is very dark. I could barely make out what I had the camera focused on.

My desktop display is fine and any website I browse to is fine color wise.

Here is a snip of what I mean. The camera was focused on a TV. Behind the
TV is a light beige wall. This is from Yahoo Messenger. I see the same thing
in Ulead Video.

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Any idea's why this is happening? Any freeware I can use to troubleshoot this?