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    I would liketo put some short BluRay tracks on a private sampler DVD with the best possible audio quality and do not know, which is the best way to realize it.

    I ripped the tracks with DVDfab. tsMusxeR shows the following information about the M2TS tracks:

    Track 1:
    Video: VC-1
    Audio: DTS, 1536kbps, 48 kHz, 5.1

    Track 2:
    Video: H.264
    Audio: LPCM, 13824Kbps, 96 kHz. 5.1., 24 bit

    How can I retain the maximum of audio quality (i know it can not be perfect) when I want to burn these tracks on a DVD. Which tools shall I use?

    I already tried the BluRay to DVD function of DVDFab, but there I can not obtain the DTS signal, only the AC3 can be used, which sounds not good enough.

    Thank you for your help!
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  2. You may keep the DTS on a DVD as long as it also contains one of the mandatory audio tracks

    PS: Got called away:

    A possibel route: De-mux your DTS wih tsMuxer. Mux it back in so you got two audio tracks. Use DVDstyler and create a project without a template. Drag your file onto the empty menu. Double click your title at the bottom to get it's property. Select "Copy" for one audio track. AC3 for the other. Double click your menu button and have it select your DTS track. Create an iso/dvd-folder and test.
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    Thank you very much, i will try it ...
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