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    An older professional video capture card, is better than a new 81 $ usb capture card ?

    From these two:
    1. Avermedia DVD EZMaker 7 (new, 81 $)
    2. CANOPUS DVSTORM RT K12-PC-008 (second-hand, 26 $)

    which one would you recommend?

    Or can you recommend other pro capture cards, that are older ? But only if they are better than a new one that costs 81 $.

    Or, if older pro capture cards are not better than new ones that cost around 81 $, please recommend one that you know it has good quality (even if the one that you want to recommend has a price that is higher than 81 $).

    What I want to do with it is to capture from composite video source (pal, stereo sound), and, if it is possible, to use, as capture codec, the huffyuv codec or other codec that uses lossless compression.
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  2. The DVStorm will only capture to DV, not lossless.

    Why composite? Nearly all capture cards use a 2D comb filter (that includes the AVerMedia device you mentioned) or worse. If you absolutely must use composite, seek out one that has a 3D comb filter.
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