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    I am having a problem downloading this video from Youtube:
    The video was uploaded in 2009. So I am not sure why I am having this problem. Is this a sign of downloading troubles to come on Youtube? Why would a video from 2009 be encrpyted? Especially for a video that has less than 6000 views in 4 years?

    I download a LOT of Youtube videos and I always find a way to download the video I want. Vevo gave me problems but I found a way to get those videos. But in all the years I have been on Youtube never encountered anything like this.
    Keepvid only offers download options for mp3 and subtitles.
    IDM doesn't work, neither does Stream Transport.
    I discovered that it is "RTMP(E) encrypted."

    I would like to find some easy-to-use free software that can download these videos, or if there is anyone who can post a tutorial on how to download these RTMP(E) videos from Youtube.


    VIDEO DOWNLOADED with help from CristianoA - Thanks!!!
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  2. Loser
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    I realize that you have the file already, but thanks for the link to this hilarious video. I had no idea how funky the olden days were. But I think of old times as anything before 2000.

    Those ads in the video about how to control your emotions are just too much. People in 1950 were really fancy dressers though.

    Anyway, the stream is both rtmpe and has a use token. I'm guessing the uploader requested this stuff. A bit of a pain to download, I had to page through memory to get the token for rtmpdump. I don't know what way CristianoA told you to do it, but it probably wasn't much simpler than that.
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  3. Banned
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    Anything before 2000? Old times? Jeez. Prolly means yur in yur 20s.

    Yeah, I'm fairly tech savvy but have had difficulties with rtmpdump. Might try it again later.
    Thanks for replying.
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