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  1. Dears

    Iím making this a Christmas gift for my GF , so I must finish it this Christmas. I hope that some of you can help and I am really sorry if the terms arenít accurate and thank you to all you geek people for this forum.

    What I have:
    - a DVD that has its menus, I must add an Arabic subtitle to it, and so I must change the subtitles DVD menu.
    - The subtitle menu is formed of 3 PGCs like this example:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	menu.jpg
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    What I managed to do so far:
    - I am experimenting with PgcEdit, PgcDemux, MuxMan, VobBlanker, PowerDVD.
    - I managed to have the Arabic subtitle to play well on PowerDVD. (I end with wrong colors but I am still experimenting) + to switch between subtitles in PowerDVD right click menu well.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	powerdvd.jpg
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    - I managed to add additional PGCs for "Arabic On Off" (by cloning a PGC in PgcEdit) + (by replacing image in Vobblanker) but what is next? They do not show in Power DVD.

    My question is:
    Copying and modifying the image is easy with any Paint software and then I replace it with VobBlanker. But:
    - What do I do now? The PGCs I created with PgcEdit are <uncalled>. How do I call them? And how do I link the additional 4th button commands (Arabic)?
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    You are on a right track. You made a new menu, but there is no command to get to it, that is why they do not show in PowerDVD. Look at the button commands in existing menus and see how you have to modify yours to do what you want.Since there are two sub tracks already the command will, most likely, use registry number to select right subtitle.
    Since you got this far I am sure you will figure it out.
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