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  1. So i just bought a Blu Ray burner, DVDFab Blu Ray copy, and a bunch of blu rays. I'm currently Backing up my pacific rim 3D.

    But Someone told me and i've read a few times a phrase - "Re-Authoring"
    What the hell is it? do i need to do something before i burn a file to blu ray?

    Also can i burn just a video files to a disc? like an .mkv or .avi file to blu ray?


    "P.S, i want these backups to work on my PS3"
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    Authoring is the process of creating the correct data structure to be compliant with Blu Ray specs so it can play on standalone Blu Ray players. If you want to make changes to an existing Blu Ray you must re-author.

    See What is Blu-Ray at the upper left of this site.

    DVDFab should be able to produce compliant files, though I have never used that function myself.

    Yes, you can burn data files to a disk. Don't expect them to play on anything other than a computer.
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    A lot of newer stand alone Blu-ray players can handle HD MKV and MP4 video data files from a BD disc. Mine does.
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  4. How can i go about authoring something?

    Also do you know how to do it so it WILL work in Blu ray players?

    Thanks for the reply.
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  5. Originally Posted by redwudz View Post
    A lot of newer stand alone Blu-ray players can handle HD MKV and MP4 video data files from a BD disc. Mine does.
    Can i convert it into some sort of file that WILL work with blu ray players?

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Not all HD video files are made in a way that conforms with blu ray specifications. But they don't have to be if you burn them as data. For your PS3, here is a list of acceptable formats. MP4 files with H264 video and AAC audio are commonly used with the PS3.

    If you want a blu ray video, you can import various types of video files into BD Rebuilder and have it output as blu ray. If the videos are not compliant to blu ray, this program will re-encode them. It is possible to import one file for conversion or to import several and make a simple menu to select the individual videos, but if you are importing several at the same time, they need to be located within the same folder on the hard drive before trying to import them.

    MultiAVCHD is another program for making a blu ray video from different types of video sources.

    But for the PS3, you probably don't need to re-encode and author them. Try them first before going to this amount of trouble.
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