Apologies that my first post is a request for help, but I've got a thousand copies of a newly released DVD next to me... and boy do they have problems.

These DVDs contain a feature film, some extra features, and all the usual titles and menus. They appear to work fine on standalone DVD/BluRay players (including my 15 year old DVD player), and on certain PC playback software, e.g. Cyberlink PowerDVD:

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However, when I load up other software and play the feature, all hell breaks loose with the video. Here's Windows Media Player 9:

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And Media Player Classic + K-Lite Mega Codec Pack:

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I've tried this on a couple of PCs. Same result. All my other DVDs play perfectly - it's just the thousand copies of this one that don't!

Here's the strange part... the glitches only appear in the title menu and main feature. They start in the feature after about 1'30" of playback and grow increasingly bad. The audio is fine. And the bonus features play absolutely fine too!

So I'm stumped, and would love to hear your expert theories on what's happened here so I can call up the authoring/replication house and ask why they've just sent me 1,000 expensive drinks coasters...