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  1. Looking for a viewer/editor(s) that have good display quality and either support viewing multiple open files or can have multiple sessions. XP and/or Win7; avi/mp2/h.264. Nice if tool supports all 3 formats.

    Purpose: evaluating several VHS/Hi8 conversion methods. Want to open output files of each method to same spot for visual compare. Ideally be able to navigate by frame to next view test spot.

    VLC supports multi-session, but positioning to same spot difficult. Also, display quality is less than WMP which is less than PowerDVD. Don't know of a way to have WMP or PowerDVD multi-session.

    Have VideoReDo which supports multi-session, but (file) view window is much too small.

    Edit: would VirtualDub do this?
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  2. MPC-HC has a setting to allow it to open a new instance of the player for each video, so you can run several instances at a time. I do it quite a bit (run multiple instances of the player maximised), as my PC is connected to my TV and it's an easy way to compare Avisynth scripts before encoding.

    Unfortunately MPC-HC doesn't let you jump to a particular frame, but it does have a button for stepping though the video one frame at a time, so it's not too difficult to navigate to the desired location and then step through the frames until they match.

    Another option might be to use MeGUI's video preview. You'd need to let it open and index each file as though you were going to encode it, but once it's done the preview window lets you specify frame numbers for navigation. You can have multiple previews open. The only downside (for me) is the preview doesn't have a fullscreen option. I'm not sure if the preview quality would be much different to using MPC-HC.... I can't say I've thought about it before.
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  3. VLC allows you to step one frame forward by pressing "E"
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  4. videobruger - That's really good to know about VLC stepping. Wish there was a way to improve image; to me, the VLC image appears darker & less distinct than what I see for WMP or PowerDVD 10.

    hello_hello - MPC-HC sounds like it'll be worth checking. Stepping to frame is fine - direct jump not necessary for my purpose. MeGui without full screen doesn't sound too exciting.

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  5. Don't you hate it when you've been doing something a certain way for years only to discover you've been doing it the hard way? Well thanks to this thread.....

    Today I learned MPC-HC will let you step through frames in either direction. It's listed under Options/Keys, but by default Ctrl+Left Arrow steps you through the video one frame at a time in reverse (right arrow steps forward). Backwards seemed a little slow for the video I tried it on, but it might depend on the type of video, number of reference frames, and how it's being decoded etc. It's still a huge improvement on not being able to step backwards though.

    And today I also learned MPC-HC has the ability to navigate to a specific frame. I don't know why I've never realised it can before, and don't know why I've never bothered to investigate the possibility until now, but the top Navigate/GoTo menu (or CTRL+G) lets you do just that. The option is so obviously there now I feel a little silly.

    It's interesting you say the picture looks noticeably different according to the player. I can't say that's been my experience. I wonder if some players might use extra processing, or maybe it depends on the renderer being used (I use WMR9 with MPC-HC). Or even if the video card has extra processing enabled (I disable all that crap myself). I've never used PowerDVD and the only time I run WMP is if I somehow manage to open it accidentally.
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  6. Don't you hate it when you've been doing something a certain way for years only to discover you've been doing it the hard way?
    I too have found "new" ways by trying to help someone else. Still using Office 97 & every so often... Thanks for your extra effort. Will be building a couple of new test boxes today & will try MPC-HC.
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