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  1. Hi al, re-installed XP, and the following are found but won't work due to no drivers. Tried uninstalling them, and rebooting the computer but no luck. Any suggestions?

    Ethernet Controller
    Multimedia Audio Controller
    PCI Modem
    SM Bus Controller
    Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

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    You probably could have included it in your original post seeing as it all seems to be related to the same issue.

    You need the drivers for your mobo and other hardware.
    So, you need to get them from a disc you should have or find them online.

    I am kind of confused by your post, you know there are no drivers so obviously you need to find/get them.
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    You should specify the brand and model of motherboard inside the case ... just with that information alone, many can locate the necessary drivers on their own.

    If it's a branded system then it tends to be even easier ... same deal ... brand and model id is all you need and google.
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    You can usually find out your motherboard brand and model with CPU-Z if you don't know it off hand and don't want to take the case covers off. Look in the 'Mainboard' page. There are other programs that can tell you this also.
    The motherboard manufactures should have most of the motherboard files.
    If the LAN and the video card are plugin type, then you would need to find their manufacturer.
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  5. You need to find and download the necessary drivers.

    You should not be re-installing the operating system if you were not prepared for what is OBVIOUSLY necessary afterwards. If this were your only PC and you had no Ethernet drivers you would be SOL.

    Looks like all of those, except the modem, are probably mobo related.
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