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Thread: dB MP3Gain

  1. To normalize audio files i use MP3Gain
    What is the best value in dB to normalize files mp3? I use 93 dB but i don't know if it is a good value
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  2. Music is tough to determine sometimes, what sounds good to me might not sound that great to you, I personally normalize to 85 db, the actual file won't have as much volume but I compensate for it with a high powered amp and Polk audio speakers and sub, I find that by normalizing lower I can cut some of the high frequency buzz out.

    I will often run mp3's through Audacity and use the de-noise filter first. Sometimes a bass boost.

    It's all experimentation.
    I am not responsible, and it's been proven over and over again.
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  3. I use the default of 89dB. Part of my reason for doing so is it leaves enough headoom for most MP3s not to cause "clipping" after ReplayGain has been applied.

    If I remember correctly there's an option called "don't clip when applying track gain" or something similar, and with it enabled MP3Gain will adjust the level to achieve the desired volume and if need be it'll reduce it some more to prevent clipping (do you see lots of red "Y"s after running an analysis?)

    Me... I don't use that option as with a target volume of 89dB it's only the occasional MP3 which has levels above 0dB (which might cause clipping) so I just leave them at 89dB. If I was using a higher target volume though, I'd probably consider enabling the "don't clip" option as no doubt there'd be a lot more MP3s which would need to have their volume reduced a little more to prevent clipping, which of course would mean they're not all being adjusted to the same target volume any more (93dB or whatever you're using), which might defeat the purpose a little.

    For the record, I'm not aware of any other programs which let you adjust the target ReplayGain volume as MP3Gain does. 89dB seems to be pretty much "written in stone".
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