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  1. I post this as a last resort, I've been trying to figure this problem out for at least year and have finally admitted defeat. Apologies in advance if I don't follow forum protocol or this has been asked many times before but I've been searching the site for months and not found the answer yet

    This is where I'm at:

    1) Captured poor quality VHS footage via Pinnacle to DV AVI files, at lot of which is sport
    2) Attempted to convert these files to H264 MP4s using various bitrates, frame rates, progressive/interlaced etc etc
    3) I wish to view files on a HDTV via media server or HDD
    4) I'm not overly concerned about quality issues as most of the tapes are poor already
    5) I have used Handbrake & Virtualdub

    The issue I am having is when watching a sporting clip of a table tennis/football match I am seeing the ball twice, or the footage appears 'dreamlike' or unnatural (odd I know but difficult to describe). If I up the bitrate the TV sometimes can't cope.

    The nearest I've got to success is H264 MP4 or MKV (not sure which is preferable), avg bitrate 4-5000kbps, scaled up to 50fps, progressive, CFR, AAC 192kbps.

    I have about 30 files to convert, and I don't want to do all until I get it right, but am at the stage where I am beginning to lose heart and am soon going to say **** it and hope for the best!

    And I should add I am a complete novice and have been using guess work in large doses

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I Handbrake, don't crop, resize, or deinterlace. Add bff in the h.264 Extra Options box on the Video tab.
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