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  1. I view my mp4 files using Windows Media Center on a Dell T3400 running Windows 7 pro. They used to play in full screen mode. Now, all of a sudden, they play in letterbox mode. I have not changed anything.

    So, I copied one of the mp4 files to a different Windows 7 pc and played the file using a program called VLC. Same problem. So, I guess the aspect ratio of the mp4 file changed???

    How can I calculate the aspect ratio?

    How does knowing the frame width and frame height help with this calculation?
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    Run it through mediainfo for starters - that will show all the details. In VLC you can change the viewing aspect ratio, just explore the menu. It won't change the actual file. If you need to do this there are programs that will do this.
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  3. Thank you for link to the useful program. I will investigate more.
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