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    I have a Hauppage WINTV PVR 150

    I have the card, just never used it ... assuming I can get a W7 driver - then would this be of any use as a Video Capture card ? ........ don't want to use it for it's TV or PVR functions.

    Also is it likely to be any good ? ......... I previoulsy captured using a Canopus ADVC300 (no longer have this)
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  2. It's a hardware MPEG 2 encoder. Hauppuage had a lot of problems getting drivers working properly. Not as good as your ADVC300, but smaller files. Win7 probably has minimal native support. You probably won't have access to all the features unless Hauppuage has an updated driver.
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    To amplify a bit on what jagabo said, either it will work flawlessly for you or you will NEVER get it working at all, no matter what you or anyone else does. If you buy one, you need to do it from a place that will refund your money if you are one of the unlucky ones who can't get it to work. As an off the top of my head guess, I'd say that maybe 20% or so of the purchasers never get it working. Nobody knows why it just refuses to work for some people. This card is very old now and if you are using it to capture something like VHS tapes or laserdiscs, a newer card like the Colossus would be a much better choice in my opinion. The only thing that this card had going for it back in its day was it was cheap. The PVR 250 and 350 basically just worked for everybody who ever installed them but the 150 was a crap shoot. The 150 does offer the ability to record directly to AVI which the 250 and 350 cannot do and some liked that as well - if they got it to work for them. If you cannot get Win 7 specific drivers for this then anything could happen from the AVI ability being broken to the card basically being useless. Again, buy ONLY if you can return it for a refund.
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    I love(d) my old PVR-350(still use it occasionally) but I would not attempt to run it on Win7.
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