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    On my Macbook Pro I am using iDVD 7, and wanting to prep video files in such a way so that when iDVD goes into its rendering routine it doesn't take 4.5 HOURS as last time (this I call 'the death spirial')! Can anyone pls comment on best way for me to proceed?

    1. I DL'd an .avi file, file size 650MB.

    2. Would it be most efficient, in terms of getting iDVD to be happy and not do the 4.5 hr death spiral, to convert it to QT or NTSC-DV before dropping into iDVD? If QT, what to set the slider at (I'm using MPEG streamclip app) to, 100%? I think I did that one time and the file size ended up going from 650Mg to 11Gigs or some ungodly file size (my memory might be wrong, but it was so large I deleted it--w/ my SSD I must be cautious about it filling up)! Is there a middle ground where you don't suffer as to crispness, yet you don't need 2 buy a new hard drive when it's converted ????

    3. If it's better to convert the AVI to NTSC-DV, all the settings on MPEG streamclip are kind of baffling, can you explain what settings are best to use? From my research, I'm understanding that audio=48Hz, frame rate 29.97, is this right? But there are more options to choose and I don't want to do it wrong. "Upper field first" etc. is baffling.

    4. Taking a step back, I DO have to convert from AVI to SOMETHING B4 burning w/ iDVD, right? I don't think dropping an AVI file into iDVD is going to be happiness and light.

    4. Versions I'm using are: iDVD v7.1.2 / MPEG streamclip v1.9.3b7 / Mac OSX 10.8.4.

    5. I've got a pretty fast processor and an SSD so it's kind of surprising to me that it took 4.5 hrs to transcode one DL DVD the other night. All 4 films were .MP4 before going into iDVD. True, the DL was pretty full, but still. Am I right to be surprised (and to therefore find ways to make the final transaction quicker), or do I just need to wise up that digital video is LONG and HARD and often practiced OVERNIGHT ???

    Thx for your help, I'm a professional writer trying to get up to speed on making DVDs that will work in the average person's DVD player out there. I don't have the budget to hire a video wonk, and believe w/ the right amount of study, I can at least be not dangerous in doing my own DVD creation work. Is this doable, or a pipe dream?

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