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  1. Please HELP me with this. I went to DVD Hacks and tried combination from other type of players but unfortunatly i didn't find for my BD player . Maybe some one know where i can get unlock combination. Thanks a lot!
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    If you live in Australia or New Zealand - call Samsung customer support in your country and ask them to help you to unlock it. They may agree to help.

    If you live anywhere else you will probably never find a code that works to unlock the player.

    In the future if you want region free, do NOT buy Samsung or Sony.
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    there are very few BD players that can even be hacked. and not every dvd/blueray player can even be hacked.
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  4. Thanks guys for your responses. I guess I should find another way to solve this problem. Maybe will be better to buy already unlocked BD player.
    Thanks again
    If someone knows how to unlock this item PLEASE let me know!!!
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