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    if you can what blu rae will except a external hard drive 1tb or larger
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    For the best chance of success, you need to be sure that your hard drive is in an enclosure with its own power supply. The USB ports on DVD and BluRay players usually don't provide enough power for large external disk drives and many users see them 'fail" when they would actually work if the drive was in an enclosure with its own power supply.

    It's BluRay not Blu Rae.

    Samsung makes some BluRay players that can read from external disk drives if the drive has its own power supply or is small enough that the USB port can provide enough power. I think I've read that LG can do this too. Maybe others can list specific models.
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    I know the LG BP220 can be used with a USB 2.0 hard drive, although the manual doesn't list the maximum capacity allowed for the drive. 1TB is likely to work, but there might be problems using drives over 2TB. Partitioning drives with a capacity over 2TB into smaller partitions would probably make them usable.

    I agree that it is best to use an external drive that has its own PSU, especially if the drive is 1TB or larger.
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    Greetings ....

    I possess two Western Digital external Elements drives -- 640gb and 750gb -- both of which are self-powered.

    Does anyone have experience using such drives with a USB-Capable DVD or Blu-ray player? If yes, please tell me how these drives performed.

    Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Video
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    Fyi for me I use a 2tb toshiba powered external usb harddrive with a sony bluray player (model bdps1100)

    It works just fine. I have bluray rips remuxed into a m2ts file with just the video from the stream folder and a converted ac3 audio track - converted from the dts core of the bluray. It plays perfectly.

    I did have problems trying a dts track over usb on this model and that particular harddrive. It was the dts core and it did not play it. I haven't tried a lower bitrate dts track nor have I tried a dvd rip with a dts track. So I don't know if this particular bluray player simply CAN'T play dts over usb or if it has a bitrate restriction or some other quirk to work around that I haven't found yet. However for me converting to ac3 audio at a bitrate of 640kpbs is more than adequate and audio conversion is pretty quick even on my aging dual core pc.

    I purposely did not buy anything larger than a 2tb drive as I knew from this website that could be problematic on settop players. It works just fine out of the box and plugged in of course (power adapter that is to a power strip).

    Fyi it even works on my wdtv gen 1 model. It takes a little bit of time to access everything initially but you can start browsing the folders almost immediately.

    As for your particular models that you are inquiring about you should not have any issues so long as they are powered and your settop player accepts ntfs if that is how the drives are formatted. Since they are less than a 1tb you shouldn't have any problem at all with older players. If it was a tb or over than it might be problematic on some older models, perhaps.
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    I have an LG BD670 that works fine with powered external hard drives up to 2 TB. It will not recognize anything larger. I suspect that's because partitions larger than 2 TB must use GPT (GUID Partitioning), rather than the old standard MBR (Master Boot Record).
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    I have an LG BP620 3D Blu-ray player and use a WD 1TB Passport drive with no problems.
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