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    I can't get the 99 minutes disks to work in my burner so that have never made it past coasters or half a set of bookends. Also, aren't Sony players really picky and only take CD-RWs? If that is so I haven't seen 99 minute RW disks so you may want to hold off on buying them even if they do burn you may not be able to play them.
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    First you have to see if your CD burner lets you burn 80+ CD-R's. Some CD-Burners lets you burn 89mins on this type of media, others go up to 92mins and a few go right up to 99mins. As for Sony - well, they are VERY picky - even the same model will sometimes differ from others of the same model. It's a case of praying and trying out. "It's A Sony" used to be a slogan for quality - these days for me personally its a warning sign not to buy :-0
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    I found two type of CD-R disks that my Sony DVP-S560D was able to play:
    1) Silver up/silver back - no labels (but I was told that they made by Princo)
    2) Silver up/green back - no lables, don't know the brand.
    With CD-RW:
    1) Sony 74/650
    2) Precision 74/650
    3) Memorex 80/700
    BTW, seems, that CD-RW disks play better than CD-Rs. Today I made XVCD MPEG-1 at 2500Kbits/s for video and 224Kbits/s for audio and my DVD player played it perfectly.
    I also didn't see 99min/850MB CD-RW disks. But I'll probably buy those 99min CompUSA CD-R to try. They are only $10 for 16 disks.
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