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    I'm planning on burning a few shows as BD5 discs (bluray content on DVD5 disc)

    I know how to burn 1 video, author it, etc. etc.

    But I need a software that can create a menu so I can burn multiple vids (example: tv episodes) and have an episode selection
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    TMPGenc Authoring Works 5 should do this for you. Not free, and the 14 day trial has some limitations and leaves a watermark on the menu.

    Cyberlink PowerProducer 5.5 is another commercial program.

    If there is a free program I haven't found it. A couple of guys here at videohelp were making their own Blu ray authoring program, but I don't know if it can handle multiple episodes.
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    BD-5 is not an official standard and may not be supported at all on some standalone players. Just FYI.

    multiAVCHD should be able to do what you want, but I strongly advise you to burn your first attempt to a re-writable DVD disc and see if it works in your player. Since BD content on DVD discs isn't standard, multiAVCHD has several ways of doing it and you may need to try several different ones before you find the one your player will support. Finally, while this is not common some BD players are known to not support anything that multiAVCHD makes and nothing you produce with it will ever work. Momitsu (no longer sold in the USA by the way) is one such maker of BD players that won't play multiAVCHD discs.
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