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    I have a Windows 7 64 Bit PC with a Ceton Infinity Internal PCI card which enables me to watch & record TV shows on my Windows Media Center. I recently Reformatted my Hard Drive and therefore moved my recorded WTV files temporarily to my second hard drive. After moving files back I could no longer view my recorded TV shows due to copy protection. This is very frustrating! Is there any way around this besides using a HD Capture device? I looked all over the internet for a solution and was unable to get any information on this.
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    It isn't possible to view copy-protected WTV files even on the same machine that recorded them following a full Windows 7 re-install. The difficulty you are experiencing has to do with how the encryption key for PlayReady is generated.

    Your only hope of playing your existing copy-protected WTV files is to restore a backup image of your system hard drive made soon after your copy-protected WTV files were recorded. However, as I understand it, after restoring from an image, any copy-protected WTV recordings made after the image was created will not play.

    If you don't have a suitable backup image of your system drive, then you are out of luck. As far as I know, nobody has broken the encryption on protected .wtv files.

    [Edit] I forgot to mention that the backup image must be restored to the original system drive it came from. If the image is copied to a different hard drive instead, the .wtv files will still be locked. The DRM used can detect a change if a different system drive, CPU, or motherboard are installed.
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