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    Out of the 15-20+ media encoders/muxers/authorers I use, I use this particular one for creating DVDs (encodes any video, or set of videos, straight to a DVD, DVD Folder, or ISO file)

    This movie is 2h 32m, I'm burning to a DVD folder

    If I choose the fit to disc setting for DVD5, The output file size will be 3.94 GB

    I'm wondering, should I settle for a 3.94 GB DVD folder

    or Should I encode it to a 7.27GB DVD folder, and use DVD shrink (deep analysis) to shrink it down to 4.35GB
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Encode once with hcenc (together with a gui like avstodvd).
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    "Do the Least Harm!"

    So that means, encode/convert (lossily) only the minimal amount of times necessary to get to your destination (usually this means ONCE).

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  4. DVD Shrink's requantising in the dct domain is fast but quality decreases quickly once you go beyond a ~10 percent shrink. You'll get better results encoding once at the required bitrate.
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