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    I need help. I bought this capture device many years ago called the DVD Xpress USBAV-701 Rev B and I have not ever used the device until now. I installed the drivers and software off the CD that came with it and it did not work. When I open Capwiz it comes up with this error:

    I then try DVD MovieFactory 3 and it comes with this error when I try to capture video from a capture device.

    After that i tried to download the latest drivers and CapWiz off the website and it still does not work. Can anybody help me?
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    Best to buy a current capture device that's well known with support for win8,there's a few members here who can advise what to buy.
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    I work in IT for a living and I can tell you that my company (Fortune 300) and I both advise NOT using any new version of Windows this early. Win 8 is still not in official release. No surprise that you're having problems, especially if you have 64 bit Win 8.

    Bought the device many years ago + beta Windows = I really don't expect it to work

    Official webpage for the device says the most recent driver they have is XP. Give it up man. Never gonna work with Win 8.
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    yeah i have the same problem and made a similar post some months back
    i'm using win7

    NO hope, have to buy a new device, or use Win Xp
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  5. The Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1950 (usb) works in Windows 8.
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    I had the same problem but using Vista. Sometimes it would work but mostly ADS DVD Xpress was not recognised. I discovered a solution, which will hopefully work for others.

    Do not connect any audio jacks or other leads to the device before you start CapWiz.

    Every time I opened CapWiz with the leads already connected I kept getting the error message. Now if I open CapWiz without any media leads connected it recognises ADS DVD Xpress.. You can connect your media cables after CapWiz has opened and it will work.
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