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  1. I have searched the web to download a specific xvid version which is 1.3.127 I had it on my computer and it worked fine with Virtualdub as a matter of fact it worked great. i DOWNLOADED the new 1.3.2 and am having problems with it. I back installed version 1.2 and it worked but doesn't have the user settings I want. I really want back my version 1.3.127 of xvid. Where can you download previous specific versions, I have looked everywhere. doesn't seem to let you download previous versions.
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    You can find some older versions on VideoHelp's Tools page for Xvid:
    (or just visit the page normally and click on the "Download old versions" link). I don't think it has that specific version archived, but you might find another version that you prefer.
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    Even among similar versions there can be differences, depending on who compiled it. Which user settings are you missing? I'm using 1.3.2, and it's got the most settings and profiles of any of the versions I've used before.

    I've attached a copy of the installer for the version I'm using, in case you'd like to try it.
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  4. sick'n'tired of evrything
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    I have searched the web to download a specific xvid version which is 1.3.127
    Maybe you're looking for the Xvid build by Nic
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