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    I've been trying to rip my dvd collection and put it on a hard drive to play on my roku, I tried hand break and dvd shrink and have had no luck I've also tried roxio divex. I don't know if any of these will work,and I'm just doing something wrong,any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Use dvdfab to rip your dvds,dvdshrink is outdated and handbrake and roxio doesn't decrypt dvds that are copy protected,also use the HOW TO backup dvd guide on the left of the column.
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    Also which roku do you have? It is my understanding that only one model has usb harddrive file support. Also the file support is very limited compared to wdtv and other settop media players.
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    They seem to have reasonable tech support on the roku site ... look up your model and see what it says. h.264 high profile works for what I glanced at, and that's what handbrake is mostly designed for.

    I'd recommend dvdfab hd decrypter too.
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    You don't want to rip. You want to rip AND convert. BIG difference. "Rip" means simply to extract data from a DVD, BD or CD disc onto a hard drive. No conversion. You need to convert as well. Roku documentation states what it supports. It's pretty limited though as yoda313 points out. However, if you convert your rips with Handbrake you should be OK. Check what audio Roku supports and be sure that what you are getting out of Handbrake is OK for your player. You have to add a USB media player to your Roku to get it to play via USB devices. And make sure that if you are using an external hard drive instead of a flash drive that the hard drive enclosure has its own power source. Large hard drives may not work if they are in unpowered enclosures and many users blame the drive or the playback device when they could fix this problem by just using powered enclosures.
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