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  1. I have turned to this forum as my last resort; the following question has been nagging me for a long time.

    I record DVDs on a standalone DVD recorder. After recording I go through the following steps to edit the recorded program:
    * I rip the DVD stream with StreamRipper (it reports an audio delay of -37 ms)
    * Then I edit the VOBs directly in Womble MPEG Editor. After editing the commercials I save the file to MPG.
    * I Demux the file, also with Womble.
    * Then I add the video/audio to GUI for DVD Author to make a new DVD.

    My question is: Do I have to set the audio delay in GuiforDVDAuthor as -37ms? Or is this delay no longer there due to the editing process?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Welcome Mession77

    Depending on source ... if it exists then yes it should be included unless you re-edit the audio to match otherwise lip sync issues appear.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. The delay is very small, so I think it's hardly noticable. Still I like to do this right

    When checking for the delay in the source, Vobedit gives -37 ms.

    Question is, when I edit the VOB in Womble and save as a MPEG file, is the delay 'fixed' in the MPEG file also? If so, that would mean that when I add a delay in GuiForDVDAuthor I have a double delay (-37 in the MPG stream and another -37 added upon DVD authoring).

    So, do I have to add the value when authoring the DVD or ignore it?
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