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  1. Can someone help me? i want to put a few quicktime vids on a dvd but i dont know how.
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    you want to just copy the files to a dvd or create a dvd playable in a standalone?
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  3. copy it to dvd. like i have win dvd creator but the file wont show up in it so i need to convert it or something
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    If you want a DVD that a standard DVD player will play AVStoDVD should work.
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    Just make sure these aren't store bought files. If they are then they can't be converted directly. You'd have to either use requiem to strip the protection (assuming you bought these files yourself - otherwise you're not supposed to be doing this if they aren't ones you bought) or do a screen capture with something like tunebite or another screen capture program).

    If these are unprotected files than you can easily convert to regular dvd mode with avstodvd as usually_quiet suggested.
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  6. it said the output file was shorter than expected.
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  7. also when i went to play media file the audio was not working
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  8. actually if there is a way i can covert to avi then win dvd will work fine
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