I am looking for a program that will allow me to pull or encode a full HD audio stream, both DTS-MA and TrueHD, from BD to an mkv in 264 and also to embed subtitles into the video track as well. I was looking at using staxrip, but I haven't seen anything about it hardcoding subtitles into the movie. I know ripbot does, but it wont handle full HD audio. Am I best off just using staxrip and then using something like BDsub2sup (is that the correct program?) to find the forced sub (star wars, lotr, and the new mission impossible have been giving me a headache) and forcing it on the video with ripbot then muxing in the HD stream?

I've heard about ClownDB and eac3to, but don't know anything about them. For everyday ripping without subs I would prefer to use something streamlined and user friendly to compress the video and the HD stream. So I'll probably stick with staxrip unless there is a better that anyone can recommend.