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Poll: what type of downloadable software have you bought?

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  1. I'm a Super Moderator johns0's Avatar
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    I've bought games and psp14 and newsbinpro to mention a few.I'll add more programs that i probably missed as they are mentioned.
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  2. Member
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    BR DVD ripper [DVD Fab]. I would think that most everyone here has bought a ripper converter at one time or another.

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  3. Member MOVIEGEEK's Avatar
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    AnyDVD, IsoBuster and SuperAntiSpyware. I have made donations to a few freeware programs but I don't think they count.
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  4. Proshow Producer, Isobuster, VOB2MPG Pro, Amiga Forever, because I've hit the age where I reminisce

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  5. Member yoda313's Avatar
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    Tmgenc dvd author 2, dvd fab 3d bluray ripper, anydvdhd, norton save and restore 2.0, tunebite (with a couple of upgrades since the purchaces).

    I don't know if monthly subscriptions should count or not but I paid for a ip blocker for a short time (not using it anymore).

    I think I had to pay for the avs suite which I haven't used in quite awhile (not avstodvd but the other one).

    I am trying to remember but I think I downloaded premium versions of the musicmatch pro suites back in the day. I know at one time I had it on disc but I believe I did purchase upgrades to it.

    I'm sure there are a few more to add but can't remember.

    I too have donated a pittance to some frequently used freeware as a token of thanks to the creators.

    Edit - I purchased an upgrade to the one of the pinnacle suites - version 12 I think. That was for avchd compatibility if I remember right.
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  6. He he, I haven't needed to pay for anything in a loooooooooooong time. Not even anti-virus software, thanks to Comodo.
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  7. Member
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    Most of my payware has been purchased online and downloaded: utilities, text editors, a compiler, DVD authoring stuff, audio stream capturer, newsreader, photo stuff, OCR software, and a few games. About the only software I have that wasn't downloaded is an audio editor (local sale) and a bunch of Microsoft promo stuff that arrived in the mail.
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  8. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I use most free software but I have purchased Ultraedit, ANyDVD and Vuescan(so my old scanner works in win7 64bit) and some few games like Trackmania United.
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  9. Member
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    DVD Pixplay for slideshow creation, dBpoweramp for music ripping/conversion, and VOB2MPG Pro.
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