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    As my title indicates, I wonder if anyone could kindly share with me how to keep the PGS subtitles stream that shows recording time/date after merging my MTS files together.

    I am working on Mac (OS X 10.6.8) and the HD Writer app that comes along with my Panasonic camcorder did not work on Mac. Seems it is a Windows-only program.

    I also found several AVCHD converter programs via Google, however, they all could not meet my demand. They either got my MTS files compressed to another format or there was no timecode subtitles at all while playing in VLC.

    So what I want is: join the separate mts videos losslessly to a single file with PGS time stamp being preserved so that I can later play back the merged file in VLC with time subs turned on/off like playing a DVD/BD.

    Thanks in advance for any inputs!
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    Oh, no one answers my question
    Just share here what I've found after searching for several days.
    I got a camcorder assistant program called Final Mate which can join and re-wrap MTS footages together losslessly to the MKV container format.
    The generated MKV container can keep the timecode as original PGS subtitles stream.
    I then played the MKV on my Mac with VLC media player. The time code subtitles could be turned on and off freely.
    I think I'll just use the Final Mate program. It would be better if this program can also output losslessly to original MTS format with timecode PGS stream.
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  3. i am looking for the same except that i need the timecode muxed (burned) into the video permanently so it can't be turned off.

    if the final video output is compressed h264 mp4, that's even better. Any idea what tool (preferrably free) can do that? thanks!
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    You should try Smart Cutter:
    This program allows to cut and join MPEG/TS files without repacking, thus PGS subtitles preserved.
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