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  1. Ok, lookin' for a lil' help here... an, you'll prolly say I'm lazy for not lookin' for the answer myself... an... I am... lol...
    Anyways... here's what I'm tryin' ta do...
    I have 6 .mkv files...
    It's that special about the Apollo program called "When We Left Earth"...
    Each .mkv is about 3 GB each...
    I wanna convert them all into 1 file, 512k bitrate, 96k audio, 480x320, .mp4, to put it on my cellphone.
    I have lotsa tools, tmpgenc, adobe premiere pro, ojo total video converter, virtualdub, handbrake, ect, ect.
    I'm jus' not that good at using them all or knowing what they can do....
    Is there any ONE program that could do all the work? or am I lookin' at jus' converting each one by itself an then figuring out how ta join them?
    Any thoughts, tips, comments...???
    Thanks n' kisses,
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