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    I've exported a video with animations from fcp to .mov with no problems, but when I'm using Adobe Media Encoder to make it a smaller .flv file the animations are jumpy and unrecognizable million-color-pixels takes over the video. The rest non-animations look good though. I've tried to leave the frame rates matching the source and also put in 25, which is what I did the animations in and the video, but both ways look the same. How can I export a good-looking flv?

    Thanks, Li
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    Skip the mov step. Every re-encode makes worse quality.
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  3. Originally Posted by limiti View Post
    unrecognizable million-color-pixels takes over the video
    This sounds like errors decompressing the .mov file. Use a lossless or near lossless all intra only codec for your intermediate file (if you can't go to the final file directly).
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