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    Hello all, new to the forum- first post.

    Reason I joined is to get up to speed with the best software and hardware required to stream and go from DVD / CD to digital.

    So far I've gone out and bought a Sony N200 media player to turn my TV into a smart TV.
    QNAP NAS coming soon...

    As a trial, I'm using my USB hard drive in the media centre while I'm waiting on my NAS but I have a few questions for the fountain of knowledge that is this forum...

    Software: I've downloaded DVDFAB - purely because it was one of the first I've come across and the reviews looked good. Trial version has the annoying logo on my backups but before I buy the full version I was hoping you guys would give me your verdict on it? I'm quite keen to buy the full version to stop the logo but maybe there is better software out there? My DLNA device plays avi, mkv, mp4, mpg so need to copy to one of these formats.

    Hardware: QNAP TS-412 Turbo - do any of you have QNAP NAS? What do you think of them? Again, I'm very close to buying (probably this weekend). I've looked at the Neatgear readynas, synology & Bull but for some reason the QNAP has caught my eye the most.

    Really, all I'm looking for is somone to tell me I'm buying the correct tools for the job. End result being my DVD and CD collection no longer taking up space in my livingroom. NAS being my iTunes and Media server providing multiple devices in my house with music, video and pictures.

    I'd be interested in anyone with a QNAP NAS to PM me- I see there is an option of giving it a domain name so you can access it from the web... I'd like to hear from anyone who has done so.

    Many thanks all.

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    Logo? I guess you're using DVDFab for conversion then, not just for ripping (decrypting/copying) to hard drive. Really, I'd recommend you use something else for conversions. Fab is fine for decryption, not so good otherwise. And when the trial expires, it can still decrypt and copy to hard drive. It just won't get updates (for newer copy protections) as quickly as the pay versions.

    I haven't done DVDs for awhile (Blu-Rays now), but someone here no doubt can recommend specific programs for you. Plenty of free, first-class programs in the tool section here. I suspect MKV or MP4 with H264 video and AC3 or AAC audio will do the trick for you while using hard drive space efficiently.

    Good luck.
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    Well it may be that I've over-engineered it?

    I'm looking for an easy way to rip my DVDs onto my NAS but I was worried my Sony media player would not detect the file type. It doesn't detect .iso.

    So to ensure it was .avi I used the copy facility rather than the decrypter. I only want a single file for the feature film, not worried about the rest of the stuff on the DVDs.

    I may have this totally wrong but I thought the free decrypter wouldn't save the file in a format such as .avi?

    Bought the NAS by the way

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    MrMcD-in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time.
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