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  1. I have recorded many TV shows via DVB-S on my PC over the years and would now like to burn them to DVD. I want to transcode them so I can fit several per DVD. Is it okay to transcode them so that the file sizes of the videos end up being exact fractions of the total DVD capacity, so when they are burned to the DVD there will be no space left, or would it be better to calculate the file sizes so there is eventually some space left, like about 5% or 10%? If I burn to the full capacity of the DVD, will there be a reduction in compatibility and reliability, especially a few years from now, because the data is so close to the edge of the disc? Has anyone ever experienced such an issue?
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    Low quality media, which unfortunately is just about everything sold these days, has problems when approaching the end of the disc. If you buy Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (anything except their Life series), and you will probably have to buy online, you will have more success getting out towards the edge of the disc. My personal recommendation is that you don't try to completely fill up the disc. You'll find it essentially impossible to get your encodes exactly what they are calculated to be and you definitely do not want to try to overburn on DVD discs as my experience is that this is significantly less likely to work than on CD-R discs. Just come relatively close to the end of the disc and with good media, you should be OK. I recommend burning at slower speeds like 4x as you should get better results pushing the envelope that way.
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    Just to piggyback on jman98's suggestions don't forget to leave a little room for a menu. If you are making a basic static menu it shouldn't be very large at all. But if you want to throw in a bunch of bells and whistles it will take up more space on the disc meaning you'll be able to fit less on the disc.

    Also note that making motion menus will add a lot of time to the authoring time of the disc (not the burning itself but the creation of the video_ts folder on your harddrive). If you have at least a dual core processor I don't think it should be too excessive but it will be longer than a static menu would take.
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    And if you count on every MB, dont forget that DVD-R holds a few more MB than DVD+R, ALWAYS.
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  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I will be using MeGUI to transcode from MPEG2 to AVC. There is a target file size option,which I've tested, that outputs a file that is about a megabyte less than the specified target filesize. So I'll only be short of a few megabytes of the total target capacity, which is fine.

    I will just burn the transcoded files to the DVD, no menus or other files.

    I will be using the following Verbatim DVD+R media:
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    Originally Posted by Agent 5 View Post
    I will be using MeGUI to transcode from MPEG2 to AVC.
    At the risk of sounding "old fashioned" know these files burned to a disc will not play in a DVD player.....right?
    These will be basically data discs for computer playback and storage.
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  7. I don't intend to use the discs as DVD-Video for DVD player playback. They will be used only to archive the video.

    I would have kept the original files and created DVD-Video compliant discs, but because the video was broadcast with a bitrate of about 13Mbps, it took up far too much space.
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