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    hey, i record music videos using a sony cx150 but i plan on upgrading soon. i just need some advice on what i should get. i dont want to spend much more than $1000 so should i just get something like the canon 60d??? or would it make more sense to get an actual camcorder??? a guy at the camera store told me i should just get a dslr camera but i need more opinions
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    advice - don't post the same thing more than once.

    as for the type of cam that's a personal preference type of thing. i wouldn't use my canon 600d for shots over a minute as the sensor overheats, but it takes marvelous stills. the "video" version of a canon dslr sells for about $15,000.

    the cx150 has piss poor video quality, for a grand or fifteen hundred you could actually get a vid cam that produces nice quality. what you make of it is up in the air.
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    Yeah i was going to say,

    Hey, don't cross/double post for your first post!!!

    And come up with something better than just "Advice" for a post title!!!
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    king216,please don't crosspost,one thread is enough,i deleted your other thread and in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time.
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    just my 2 cents worth here.

    i was going thru the same dilema for my son, trying to decide on a 5D or a panny GH2 for both video and photo shoots, but because of the possible sensor over heating issue, and for other more obvious reasons, we decided on separate devices.

    we decided to get him a new panny TM900 but then located a very slightly used Panny TM700 cam (the previous model) for $500, which he will use for his major video shoots at college, and we also got him a 550D for stills because of its pretty decent quality, but we got this one for its decent video quality as well, just for capturing stuff when he hasnt got his panny TM700 camcorder with him.

    it can be a hassle to carry separate devices, along with all the accessories that are needed, but i think its very much worth it in the end.

    the TM700 is a wonderful cam, probably slightly better than its newer sibbling (TM900) so that would be a suggestion for you if your preference was for shooting in AVCHD (h264) as opposed to any other format.

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