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    When I download a file for a tv show that is your standard 720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION .mkv 1.9GB file with AC3 CBR for audio, I can easily extract the audio file using MKVtoolnix and then split the audio file into 6 channels using another program. The audiio track the .mkv download comes with has the ability to be split into 6 channels.

    My download speeds are slow so I'd rather not download something so large (1.9GB takes forever on my computer) so I was wondering if instead of the above file, if a went with the smaller (316MB) HDTV.x264-LOL .MP4 file with AAC VBR for audio, once I extract the audio using a program that does that for mp4 files.. is there really any chance the audio could be split into 6 channels or is that really rare on this type of file/download and it's prob. just going to be 2 channel audio?

    Again, when I download the .mkv file with AC3 CBR audio, the audio is 6 channel, is it realistic that I'd get 6 channel audio out of the .mp4 file with AAC VBR audio or is it basically always going to be 2 channel? Thanks.

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    Not possible to get real 6 channel from 2 channel

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    this really isn't the forum to openly be discussing your illegal downloads.
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    Buy the dvd,thread closed.
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