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    I have some questions about printing covers etc.

    I just bought Blu-Ray cases that are 11mm (

    Are these fully compatible with covers that I can find on the internet?
    What is the way to print covers on them? I bought special 11mm Blu-Ray inlays: Will these work or is it better to use other a4 (photo?) paper and cut them myself?

    And how do I print them? Is there special software for it needed?

    And last question: what are good sites for finding covers besides this thread?

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    Neither of your links works.

    I found a source that says that 11mm is standard for BluRay cases so you should be OK. I have printed a small number of custom BluRay covers and I have used Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker to create them. I printed to high grade glossy photo paper and cut them to the correct size.

    I sometimes look for covers at but they don't have many BluRay covers.
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    I print my BlueRay covers with Irfanview. I set the size at 5.8 x 10.7 inches. I put my DVD backups in old HD-DVD cases which are the same size as BR cases. CCcovers is light on BR covers but,the BR review site has good front and back covers. You just have to create yout own spines,but Irfanview is good for that.
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  4. I use undercover XP to print my blu-ray cases. Even if what you have is a DVD cover selecting to print to blu ray gets them to print the correct size.

    Rather than CCcovers I recently found this site You may a few cents per cover put get very good customs covers
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