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  1. PC to HDTV on GTX560 issue
    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me with this problem as I have tried everything i know to no avail and my sanity is starting to become questionable.
    Problem Overview

    I have 2x 42" HDTVs that i use as moniters (yes i know TVs dont make the best moniters however i have my reasons for using them), im currently running 2 PCs, 1 is a dell precison 390 with fx 3500 GPU and the other is my OC system running a GTX 560, both are connected to the tvs via DVI to HDMI cables (DVI at the card, HMDI into the TV), now when i connect the dell to the TV in 1080p (1920 x 1080, native) the picture is perfect in movies and games (older games that will run) and in text there are no shadows, ghosting nothing just clear text an perfect picture no matter the application. However when i connect my OC system with the GTX 560 in 1080p (1920 x 1080, native) or any resolution for that matter the picture is absolutely woeful, colours and white especially are dull, text has shadows and ghosting and is hard to read and the picture doesnt fit to the screen. Both have nvidia 295.73 driver, tried updating the 560 to the latest 296.10 driver (didnt make a difference), all other drivers are up to date ie chipset. I had a 8800 GTX card that i was using prior to getting the 560 and it produced the same quality image as the Fx 3500 did so problem seems to be in the 560 and more specifically the driver as POST, BIOS and Windows with nvidia drivers display a perfect picture and perfect text. In NVIDIA control panel most of the settings are the same except in the 'Change Resolution' tab under '2. Apply the following settings' - the connector type on the fx3500/8800GTX is showing the DVI icon and DVI - PC display, where as the GTX 560 is showing the HDMI icon and HDMI - HDTV. From this i can only gather that the 560 is sending a HDMI signal where as the other cards are not and its messing with it . I dont care about the HDMI i just want a clear and perfect picture like i do with the older cards. If anyone knows of a setting or work around that will achieve the then i will be forever in you debt.

    Ps appologies for the long winded post.
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    I don't have a GTX-560 but these are the issues. You want the output setting to match the screen resolution of the TV. Are you sure the second display is 1920x1080p ?

    Second, most HDTV sets will overscan over the HDMI input. Does the TV have a "Computer" input (DVI-D or VGA) ? Most TV sets don't overscan the computer input.

    Some HDTV sets offer a pixel by pixel mode (aka JustScan) for the HDMI input. This basically turnes off overscan. You should see the text clear up.
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  3. Yea I have the Just Scan option that fixes the over scan but doesnt do anything about the quality picture which is still woeful and text is still hard to read and blurry/shadows
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  4. Originally Posted by Alteran View Post
    Yea I have the Just Scan option that fixes the over scan but doesnt do anything about the quality picture which is still woeful and text is still hard to read and blurry/shadows
    Then something isn't right. I use Just Scan on my Samsung HDTV (1920x1080p60) with a computer via DVI/HDMI and text is perfectly sharp. Just like a giant computer monitor. Does the TV have a 1920x1080 native resolution? If not you won't get clear text unless you can set the computer the native resolution of the TV. If you have the computer output to 1920x1080i30 you will probably get blurry colors as that usually switches from RGB to YPbPr with reduced chroma resolution.
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    What is your 560 ?
    EVGA ? MSI ? ASUS ? GIGABYTE ? Etc. Etc.

    I am running 2 EVGA 560's in SLI on my main system but i have never tried hooking it up to my 2 large screen HDTV's through the DVI port,
    Always through HDMI.

    I have a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, and i have never had a problem with the picture on either my 46" 1080p or 32" 720p TV's.

    I have used much lower cards with a DVI to HDMI cable to hook other PC's to my 2 big HDTV's and i still never had any issues.

    Also one of my cards, i don't remember if it was my 560's or 550's, but they came with Mini HDMI to HDMI adapters, but i never tried them.
    I figured a straight 12' cable that was Mini HDMI to HDMI would be best.

    I also see you stated a "590" once while saying "560" multiple times...

    Also, you do have your drivers for "whatever" vid card you are using up to date ?
    Not that i have had any issues with the last several driver versions...
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  6. Sorry About that i have fixed the 590 mistype, I am currently running a Asus GTX 560 with DVI to HDMI cable,

    Yes the TV supports 1080p @ 50Hz (and i know it works as the lower cards run at this resolution with crystal clear clarity and sharp text, just not the 560)

    I havent tryped the mini HDMI port as im not a fan of adapters hang out the back, looks like i might have to invest in a mini HDMI to HDMI cable and see if that makes a difference, if that fixes the problem then unfortunatly that mean is i cant run multiple displays
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    Hmm, 50 Hz TV. You could have mentioned that.

    What TV make/model? Computers like a 59.94/60 monitor. We need Euro tech expert help here.
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    What OS do you use Alteran

    Me for example i use a monitor (full hd, DVi, 60hz) + tv (768i, Hdmi, 60hz) card GT220 and it works rather well.
    I use the best softwares/codecs available : dvbviewer and arcsoft (TMT5) on Win7 x64

    monitor/tv managed with Ultramon (best app for multi monitors)
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  9. I am running Win 7 x64
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