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  1. i have this 700MB avi movie,but when i convert it to DVD format it becomes like 5GB which won't fit into my 4.7GB dvd disc.
    i the media burner tht comes with total video converter,also used windows dvd maker and its still the same. i am fairly new when it comes to editing or burning videos. tell me a good freeware i can use to fix this problem please? and how to use it.
    thank u
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    To make a movie fit on 1 (dvd sl) disc, you lower the RESULTING bitrate to just below this equation: filesize (in this case, 4.37gb) / running time = bitrate.

    The problem you are having is that you are assuming bitrates will be comparable with the source (they almost never are, especially with mpeg2 vs. Mpeg4 or avc codecs). Also, you are relying on your conversion software to automatically do the bitrate calculation for you instead of specifying it manually. It can probably do it manually if you set it up that way (not sure about total v, as i never use that app).

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    Burn your file directly to CD , your dvd player probably supports it ,

    or else use dvdshrink for slight compression , if it compresses over 20% (10%;-P) use dvd rebuilder (slower)

    use AvstoDvd
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    Yep, use instead dvd flick or avstodvd.
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