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  1. I am encoding my files to mkv. I don't really like the format but it can hold different audio clips. I have about 2 or 3 audio clips. I eventually want to burn these to Blu-Ray in a custom menu with Encore but Encore or Adobe Premiere won't read my mkv files. Is there a way I can keep my mkv files (don't want to re-encode them or loose my extra audio files) and can burn straight to blu-ray even though Encore or Premiere won't reconize the files?

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    Couldn't he burn a bunch of MKV's on to a Blu ray blank as data? So no menu's or anything like that. Maybe that would do?
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    You can convert them to a blu-ray/Avchd with avdhdcoder, bdtoavchd or multiavchd. No reconversion and you keep several audio tracks.
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