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    I can't really get an answer to this from any of the developer websites I visited so I thought I would post the query here. Is anyone successfully using one of the subtitle programs (particularly for synchronisation) in a 64 bit environment? I'm using Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Generally speaking, there's no need for 32 bit programs to be ported to 64 bit Windows. They should work fine. The only subtitle program I've run into that won't work under Win 7 64 bit is SubtitleCreator. If I need to use it, I have to run it in the free XP VM that Win 7 Ultimate comes with.
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  3. Most of the multi-media stuff is 32 bit running on WOW Windows on Wondows 32 bit emulator in 64 bit systems. The porting of codecs and tools to 64 bit is just beginning. As noted above, most stuff should work. In fact at this point anything 64 bit will likely not work as well unless it's self-contained. Just due to the fact that most low level tools the Gui front ends use, such as AviSynth, codecs etc.. are not mature for 64 bit.
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    Short answer ... Yes, the majority work no problems

    Thou there are differences that the majority of users wouldn't recognize without confirming the extent with others as to problems.

    SubtitleCreator as posted above by jman98 ... yet here on my win7 64bit it works fine.
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    SubtitleCreator, EasySup, BDSup2Sub all work fine on 64 bit Win7 here.
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  6. My only suggestion, if there's a portable version that's just as capable as the installed, use that. Removing is just deleting the folder in most cases. That way if it doesn't work you haven't left file association holes in your registry(which most often can be cleaned up with CCleaner but better to avoid the problem if possible.)
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