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    How to rip and convert a Blu-ray main movie to a single MP4, M4V or MKV using free software. Presets for iPhone and Android.

    DVDFab HD Decrypter

    Rip your Blu-ray to your HDD using DVD HD Decrypter.
    Start DVDFAB HD Decrypter and select HD Decrypter Free Edition.
    Name:  dvdfab1.png
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Size:  67.4 KB

    Select the blu-ray drive and set the target. You need a lot of HDD Space, 20-50GB!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dvdfab2.png
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ID:	11005

    In VidCoder select Open DVD/Blu-ray folder and select the BDMV\STREAM folder that you ripped DVDFab HD Decrypter.
    Select the main title and audio source.
    You can now select Preset, like Apple iPod, iPhone, Android or customize your own settings.
    Name:  vidcoder1.png
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    Click on Settings to adjust your own settings.
    Under the Picture tab can you adjust the video size/resolution. I usually resize to 1280x720/576p.
    Name:  vidcoder3.png
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    Under the Video tab can you adjust the output/target file size(use around 1-2GB/hour video) or use constant quality encoding( use 20 for very good quality). You can also choose x264 Preset, select example Ultra fast for fastest conversion but then not best quality.
    Name:  vidcoder4.png
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    Name:  vidcoder2.png
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    Done! Test play with VLC Media Player

    If you want burned in subtitles use Ripbot264 instead of VidCoder.
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    lol...baldrick I thought this was a post asking for help and I was gonna mention the exact tools you bring up

    simple and effective guide...nice job
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    Vidcoder is amazing...I hope they fix subtitle support from blu-ray also.
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    I got tired of the lack of BR apps that don't have presets or filters/options. Most are just set the speed of the encode and resolution or what not. BD Rebuilder I can't get to work for the life of me and the only one I found thats similar to BD Rebuilder (in that it has quite a few quality settings options) was Vidcoder. It's an amazing little piece of software. Wish it had more filters though.

    As it is it's a great app to have around.
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  5. I wanted to ask the question about converting VC1 files to MP4 or AVI or TS
    I convert HD videos on my windows 7 64 computer and also laptop
    Everything converts with No problems except the VC1 videos; I know I have read VC1 is tough to work with on Windows 7
    All other formats like h264, MP4, AVI all convert and work fine; using softwares like Xilisoft, Wondershare, Mediavatar,etc
    I can play VC1 using some video playing softwares but when I want to convert it to MP4 or AVI, TS etc , none of the Softwares can input the file
    When you put the file in, the softwares will not show the video in the preview box and then if you convert it will only do the audio
    I know this has to do with the Video Codecs but I canít see to get this to work
    I have also tried win7ds filter tweaker and tried to disable media foundation
    I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to get this to work. All my softwares work on all the other types of files for HD Converting or even DVD converting
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    Vidcoder supports blu-rays with vc1. If you want to discuss something else then make a NEW thread and don't hijack this thread about vidcoder and blu-ray sources.
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  7. I just tried vidcoder and it converted the file BUT the video in the file is all shaky so you it is unwatchable
    I would say vidcoder has been the closest to converting but it still is not right

    vidcoder is probably great for all other conversions and it seemed fast
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    VidCoder is quite an improvement over ease-of-use when compared to RIPBOT. BUt i agree; could do some work with the subtitle part. Plus; it doesnt create and leave behind a 50GB temp folder like RIPBOT.
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    Yes Handbrake is amazing!
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    How i can play at first and then convert/transform the bluray 3d movies into mkv or m2ts file with out loosing any quality.

    The 3d movies has ssif file types....
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    I love using VidCoder, it's awesome. I tried so many other free encoders and none have come close to the video quality of this encoder. Freemake and other encoders have a way of blurring the edges and masking too much of the detail. Handbrake and VidCoder are a wonderful combination.

    My encodes show very little difference, even when using a DVD as the source material. I usually use the Universal profile to encode my videos.
    Do unto others....with a vengeance!
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    Any light and combatible player with i can play all kind of bluray movies?
    Even if it is at iso file...
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  13. whats the difference between vidcoder and handbrake?
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    how do i cancel this reply?
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    You can't. You just edit your post like you did.
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    My first experience with Vidcoder was as a result of a Baldrick post where he indicated... He Liked It.

    Well, after that I started using it more and more because it is easy to use really works well and even when it produces an exception error at the end the MKV it generated the file still seems to play perfectly. However, I've not been able to have it accept VC1 MKVs. For VC1 MKVs I use Staxrip which always works with VC1.

    Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. But it just wont accept the VC1 files for me.

    Any advice on how to input a VC1 mkv?

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  17. 3 questions (after a BluRay Disk was ripped complete to HD):

    1. how can I find out which Chapter is the main movie?
    2. can I with these programs convert only the main movie to (for example) MKV (keeping all or at least 1 subtitle)?
    3. If not, how can I do that (for example with other tools)?

    Did not found any possibility in the tools mentioned here (processing the ripped BluRay from the HD)

    My source are multiply m2ts files, I can clearly identify the main movie (3 files of each 7 Gig), I do not have anymore the original BluRay disk.
    Grtz, JRE
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