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  1. I would like to be able use Avisynth to convert my 480i MPEG2 files to h264 but I can't seem to find a program that works. My MPEG2 files are from a VHS to DVD conversion.

    DGAVCDec only works with h264 streams. I tried MeGUI H.264 but I couldn't get it working and I couldn't even see the h264 thing it was talking about. This was the tutorial I used:

    I'm not interested in stuff that uses the command line so I need a GUI. If there are any tutorials for your suggested programs then please let me know.
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    Use mediacoder x264 or h264 cuda both work for me.
    Tha good thing is that it can read avisynth scripts it only support progressive video though

    if you want interlaced 480i you better use staxrip, it can read avs scripts aswell
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