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    I converted an H.264 MPEG-4 file to MPEG-2. I used ffmpegx because it has a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, and I can keep the ratio by using the letterbox option with DVD 16:9 mpeg2enc encoding. Once it was done, I dropped it into Toast to burn using the VIDEO_TS folder option. The movie I'm trying to burn is approximately two hours and ten minutes long. When I drop it in, the time reads as one hour and four minutes. I burned it, played the DVD in my Blu-ray player, and it still reads as 1:04. It would also get stuck when I would try to fast forward through the movie. I burned it again using Burn OSX with the UDF DVD option, but it had the same problem. Why is this happening? Is there another program I could use to convert that will allow me to keep the same 2.35:1 aspect ratio?
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  2. (not sure I well understood…)
    so our input file is:
    Originally Posted by DirectorSG View Post
    two hours and ten minutes long
    but the result after toast or burn is 1h04

    my questions are :
    - how long is the file from ffmpegX? what are its infos?
    - why don't you use directly/only Toast (I certainly has an option to preserve ratio)

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    You're right on. The original movie file is 2h10m and the burned DVD is 1h04m.

    I deleted the original ffmpegx output, so I'm not sure how long the file is. I'd have to re-output it to tell you.

    I cannot find any option to preserve the 2.35:1 aspect ratio in Toast. I'm now trying an export with MPEG2 Works. If it doesn't work, I'm going to drop it into Toast as-is and see if it just works.
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