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Poll: Do you use subtitles when you watch videos?

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    I use them all the time.
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  2. Always
    If I don't have subtitles of my language, I try find at list english subtitles
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    Not only do I use them all the time but I always convert them to SRT. Even for DVDs. I have a number of media players and they allow me to relocate and resize the srts on the screen. They also allow me to play them internally or external to the movie itself.

    My complaints over the years with DVD subtitles are that they come in all colors. They move around the screen and they are too large for 40"+ screen sizes. I like my subs in white. I like them small. And, I like them at the bottom edge of the screen. That means for movies with upper and lower bars they are in the bar area below the movie and not within the boundaries of the picture.

    I might also add that over time I have downloaded and tried every subtitle listed in the tools section of this site.

    The srt subtitle programs that amaze me most are Subtitle Edit. It is updated quite often and it is comprehensive in it's abilities. It can do most anything.
    The other one is DVDsubEdit. It's not as comprehensive but it's OCR processing is amazingly fast.

    Recently, from reading a topic on this site I found CCExtractorGUI. Now I can even convert CCs to srt without worrying about the OCR process. For movies with CCs as well as subtitles, I just extract and convert the the CCs to SRT in about 10 seconds.

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    For regular movies and tv shows no. I do have a Godzilla dvd that I have that I need subtitles for since its in Japanese and I don't speak Japanese.

    I do however use it for my Anime collection. But I don't watch those very often but I have had to do some hardcoding and extractions for certain applications with the video.

    But in general I don't do subtitles.

    One other exception is those Star Trek dvds that had the background info on subtitles - don't remember if the blurays have the same stuff or not. But I've only briefly checked those out.
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  5. Being Deaf, yes. But prefer CC's.
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    English speaking movies = english subs.
    Swedish speaking movies = no subs.
    Other = swedish subs.
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