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    Hello all,my first post...

    I am trying to convert MKV video with DTS to AC3 and i have always do it with MKVExtractGUI2 XviD4PSP 5 and mkvmerge GUI with no problem whatsoever , but recently i have come upon MKV video Some.Like.It.Hot.1959.720p.BluRay.x264 and there is the problem.
    When i extract converse and merge it the audio is out of sinc.I have tried diferent bitrate , the one that is on H.264 file but it is still ot of sinc.
    I have used almost always 23.976215 sometimes 23.979143 with m2ts files, but on this movie its no good.

    Can somebody tell me how to calculate presize bit-rate without bitrate calculator ,it has not got enough decimal points to be true sinc for this movie.Or any other help would be much appreciated...

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    Bitrate? I guess you mean framerate?

    edit: I think I should have read your post. Try use Popcorn MKV Audio Converter or mkv2ac3 as leghorn mentions.
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    You could also try Mkv2Ac3...might save you a lot of time demuxing, converting and remuxing.
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    Thank you for very fast reply,

    I have tried mkv2ac3, very good software.
    But the audio is still out of sinc its "frame-rate" is the same as i,ve used before 23.976215.

    Then i used Popcorn and it works perfectly...

    Thank you all for your engagement to my question.
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