I've looked everywhere but with no luck.

I have Power DVD 10, and using it's Motion Interpolation (Truetheater Motion), I am able to make old shows that only exist on 16mm look like they are on video ("the video look").

The problem is, i want to be able to not just watch it, but to be able to apply The motion interpolation to, say an Mpeg-2 file and then render/ save it, so i can put it on a dvd and watch the Motion interpolated footage on my tv.

I basically want something that will let me apply motion interpolation to a normal clip (not Slow Motion, standard speed) and then render it, so i can put it to a dvd.

I'm basically wanting to do what the BBC do with the Doctor Who restorations. I know this can be done, as i have seen "home made" examples.

I've also noticed that VirtualDub has an Interpolation filter, but i have had no luck with it. A VirtualDub Plugin would be the best for me, but i'm willing to accept anything.

I tried some software called "motion perfect" but that failed, and would not render any of my files.

Please help