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  1. TheNero
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    okay.. It would seem I'm stuck with a problem.. Whenever I convert some anime .mkv files to .avi (Xvid).
    The subtitles get messed.. Such as custom subtitles.. Like ColorMeSubbed.. Which causes codes to come out in the screen and doesn't literally change the color of the subs anymore.
    It would seem that I need to delete the subs inside the .mkv which I have already extracted. If I can accomplish that.. Then I may encode my video with AutoGK and mix in my extracted sub that is now converted to .srt file. Is there any way for I to permanently remove the embedded subs inside the .mkv file?

    This is out of the blue question..
    Does .mkv files play on DVDs? If so.. What are the specifications?
    Height X Width
    Bitrate [Video]
    Audio format
    Bitrate [Audio]
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  2. aBigMeanie aedipuss's Avatar
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    dvd players aren't mkv file players.

    if the subs are separate files in the mkvs then use mkvextractgui2 to demux all the streams, and delete the sub files. then you can make your new ones and remux the mkvs with mkvmergegui.
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