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    Yes, I have been wondering and searching the net and there doesn't seem to be a confirmed answer on whether it is possible to convert DTS to AC3 5.1 surround sound? I have done DTS to AC3 2 channel a ton of times. Would be nice to be able to get 5.1 sound out of my sound system. Thanks.
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    To convert --- De-mux MKV. Take the DTS and put it in one of these programs

    XMediaRecode.... Megui... or DAudioK.

    All 3 of them will allow you to chose 5.1 ac3.

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    There is also AudioConverter developed for the Popcorn series of media players

    First of all, you need to decide what to do with DTS tracks. You can either remove them completely from the file without conversion ("Remove track"), or you can convert them to AC3 (Dolby Digital) tracks, which your PopCorn Hour can process internally, giving you sound where you before had none.

    If you choose to remove the track, it is simply stripped out of the file (unless it is the only audio track in the file). If you, however, choose to convert the track to Dolby Digital, you need to decide what bitrate you want the new Dolby Digital track to be encoded at. The higher the value, the better the quality, but also the bigger the file. DTS tracks are normally encoded at either 768 kbit or 1536 kbit, whereas AC3 tracks have a maximum bitrate of 640 kbit. Generally, I would select 448 kbit as the bitrate for new Dolby Digital tracks. This is on par with what commercial DVDs use.

    You also need to decide what to do with the original DTS track. Should it be removed from the file, or should it be preserved? If you preserve the audio track, the resulting file size will increase with the size needed for the Dolby Digital track - perhaps even above the size available on the DVD disc. In order to monitor this, AudioConverter will do an estimate of the resulting file's size. If the file is estimated to be able to be put back on the same size DVD as it could before conversion, the file size will be green. If it cannot, the file size will be red.
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    Popcorn MKV Audio Converter is free. DOn't use pavtubes crap.

    Bye bye samrobot spammer.
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    I do it in a variety of ways but sometimes simply throwing it in Handbrake and setting the video settings as low as possible (I'm talking 1bps, 200x76res, FFMpeg) and setting the auto setting to what you want is easy. Then you can take that file and mux it with whatever you like in Mkvtoolnix and deselect the crappy video file! Takes longer than other solutions like Subler, compressor, etc. but with the video settings set low enough it will re-encode the audio in under an hour if not less.
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    Xvid4PSP will do that easily
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